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Geochat consists of three layers: 1) red is oral presentations, 2) blue is keynote speakers, and 3) green is field trips. In addition to the keynote speakers and field trips, all oral presentations and their information including abstract, keywords, school, presentation time and location are on there. Oral presentations are mapped by the location of the research or if they didn't have a specific location they were placed at the presenter's home university. 

To search for presentations please enter key words from the title in the search engine at the top of the map or you can search by date or in the Tag Cloud which includes key words from each presentation. If you're a presenter be sure to check out your marker!! 

Each marker has a comments tab. Please click on the comments tab and in the bottom right you will see a "post" option. To leave a comment click on "post" and then proceed. Comment as much as you would like on as many things as you would like!